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The Difference is CLEAR

Ask for the best when looking for your new or replacement windows. Check with our approved supplier list to ensure you're receiving the original and best Slimlite Ultra Clear Self Cleaning Double Glazed Units.


Introducing slimlite ultraclear

New Technology ultraclear Self-cleaning Double Glazed Units Light Transmission (Vision Clarity) 85%

The Difference is Clear.


Carbon Emissions

Kyoto Protocol 2004 Reducing CO2 Emissions
Environmental Benefits of Double Glazing Low E (Low Emissivity)

Double Glazed Units constructed with Low E are often referred to as advanced double glazing because of their increased insulating effect and lowering effect of carbon dioxide emissions.

In 2005 published claims considered that the use of advanced Low E double glazing replacing single glazing will have a pay back time in investment of 3 years, and perhaps less considering the current increasing cost of energy.

There are recommendations being made to authorities to change the Building Regulations to ensure that Low E advanced double glazing is installed in new buildings and existing single glazing when being replaced to reduce emissions.

The replacement of one square metre of single glazing by one square metre of advanced Low E double glazing will provide a saving of approximately 90Kg per year of carbon dioxide emission. The average small house single glazed with around 15m2 of glazing will save 1350 Kg of emissions per year, by installing Low E advanced double glazing or Slimlite. There are thousands of listed buildings mostly single glazed in the UK today, where the amount of carbon dioxide emission is very substantial. It is estimated that total emissions from residential buildings in the UK amount to 86 million tonnes.

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